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Applying for Paraguayan Residency

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Applying for Paraguayan Residency

pyanIDThe Paraguayan Immigration Service requires a national police record for applicants applying for residency.  In order to request a “national” police check, U.S. citizens should contact the FBI for a check of all state police records.  The FBI accepts requests from private American citizens for this purpose.  For more information, please visit the FBI at The fee for this service is $18.00 and can be paid by money order, certified check made payable to the Treasury of the United States, or by credit card (see form on FBI Web page).


To request an FBI namecheck, you will need to have your fingerprints taken.  The Consulate can provide you with the appropriate fingerprint card.  Unfortunately, the Consulate can not take fingerprints or mail documents.  However, you can have your fingerprints taken in Asuncion at the local INTERPOL Office.  You can contact that office at: (021) 480-199 or 422-426/7 and request an appointment.  The estimated fee for this service is Gs.50.000.  Address: Coronel Gracia 468 between Dr Mazzei and Teniente Rodi St. (Behind Police Station # 1 Sajonia neighborhood). Regular offices hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 17:00.


Once you’ve had your fingerprints taken, you will need to mail the fingerprint card, a cover letter (see FBI Web page) and payment to the FBI at the following address:


FBI CJIS Division – Record Request

1000 Custer Hollow Road

Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306


AUTHENTICATION OF POLICE OR FBI CERTIFICATES OF LACK OF A CRIMINAL RECORD: The FBI’s CJIS Division (Criminal Justice Information Services Division) will authenticate U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73 fingerprint search results for international requests by placing the FBI seal and signature of a Division official on the results, if requested at the time of submission. Documents prepared in this matter may then be sent to the U.S. Department of State Authentications Office by the requestor to be authenticated if necessary.  Please be sure to indicate the country in which the document is to be used. The FBI procedure became effective 1/25/2010 and will apply only to documents finalized after that date. Requests to authenticate previously processed results will not be accepted.


The FBI requires 6-8 weeks for processing upon receipt.


You must provide your return address, which may be via a FEDEX Account to ensure receipt of your report (please see return Mail Options on Applicant Information Form).


In compliance with the Paraguayan Immigration Law, the FBI Report must be legalized by the Paraguayan Consulate in the United States. Your report will not be accepted without the corresponding legalization.


Please note that it is your responsibility to forward your FBI results to the Immigration Office and verify the status of your record request with them.

Larissa Riquelme saluda a sus seguidores en el inicio del 2013

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Larissa Riquelme saluda a sus seguidores en el inicio del 2013 Featured

  • Written by DUPLYCATOR
  • Miércoles, 02 Enero 2013 13:47

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La modelo envió su saludo a todos sus seguidores en las redes sociales. Les deseó paz, salud y felicidad en el nuevo año, que acaba de iniciar.

Larissa Riquelme saluda a sus seguidores en el inicio del 2013

Larissa Riquelme espera otro gran año en 2013.

La “Novia del Mundial” se puso a tono con la festividad del Año Nuevo. A través de Twitter, la modelo envió sus deseos para el 2013.

Q ste 2013 llegue cn mucha paz,salud y Felicidad q sea un año éxito prá tdos disfruten y vivan l vida al máximo y sobre tdo luchen x sueños!“, escribió Larissa.

Señaló que el 2012 fue un año que trajo muchas satisfacciones en su vida. “Se va un año increíble gracias a todos x sus mensajes de apoyo,se viene un año mucho mas exitoso feliz año para todos disfruten día a día.”, recalcó la modelo que además de ser jurado en Baila Conmigo Paraguay (BCPy) realizó numerosos viajes al exterior para realizar promociones.

Finalmente deseó “Feliz año 2013 para todos….. Salud”.

Larissa Riquelme saluda a sus seguidores en el inicio del 2013

El mensaje dejado por “La Novia del Mundial”.


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