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What will 2013 Bring to you and your expat dreams?

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

What expat dreams may come to Paraguay in 2013?

2013, will it be a year of growth, prosperity or just the status quo? Only time will tell. Whatever this year brings, Paraguay At Your Service wishes you the very best of what 2013 in Paraguay will have to offer. We hope that you will make plans to come visit us this year. Our friend, client and soon to be partner Mr. P will be returning to Asuncion to make hay and will be assisting you in your expating and computer programming needs. Think of that, American skills and expertise at an offshore price!! We also hope that somehow someway you will make plans to lend a helping hand to those in need. Serving your community, country and profession can make any type of year a rewarding one. More on how you can assist us with that in Paraguay at a later date.

In the news this week we got a sneak peek at Paraguay’s bond unveiling to the world markets, for those seeking a diversified return at minimal risk I would suggest reading into this opportunity more, please note that in no way shape or form do we offer accounting, tax, or legal advice of any kind, only general lifestyle guidance and opportunity. If you are interested in more personalized consultations etc we will provide that very soon!

Please don’t forget to check out our social magazines curated from content all over the web so that you can get a diversified view on Paraguay from all sorts of characters living here.

As always, Paraguay At Your Service helps to keep you on top of the news, reviews and interesting things in Paraguay. Keep up with the issues and items of concern with Paraguay will keep your Paraguayan dreams moving forward! Peace and Blessings my friend.

Paraguay At Your Service would like to congratulate Mr. P for deciding to return to this lovely country to setup shop and expand his business, to Gman for removing his inertia and taking the first steps to residency and relocation this summer to Paraguay, to Mr. B whom we look forward to helping him gain his retirement in San Lorenzo and to the Dr. for letting us help him find a nice local Paraguayan squeeze to share a blessed retirement with. Clients continue to hire Paraguay At Your Service because of we provide quality services at a fair price, we believe in telling it like it is whether it’s what you want to hear or not, someone has to keep it real. The internet has info and we aim to provide answers. You can find a ton of stuff telling you what you want to hear and how to retire to this paradise or that slice of heaven. With us it is what it is and while Paraguay might not be for you I am sure we can help bring value to your life some how someway, we look forward to talking with you soon. Contact us below for further customized services.

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