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Paraguay Real Estate News: Paraguay: Sales Soar building materials

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Taken from a recent Paraguay Real Estate Article:

According to the estimate of turnover figures of the Paraguayan Central Bank that category sales increased 22.1%. In January, the growth was 1.3%. Mortgage loans also increased drastically.

2013 started with a positive change for the commercial sector, especially for the sale of vehicles and construction materials, which recorded 41.8% and 22.1% increase in January movement in relation to registered first month, but in 2012, according to Turnover Estimator (ECN), the Central Bank.

For the automotive sector, after seeing negative numbers throughout 2012, finally has rallied almost 50% more (-2.8 to -7.0% in December 2012 and January 2012).

This losing streak for the marketing of vehicles was a consequence of the fall in GDP, which dragged several sectors of the economy.

Construction was one of the most diverse behaviors segments in the economy, even after a timid increase in January 2012 from 1.3% in January this year saw a 22.1% increase.

Since the demand for housing loans through the Development Finance Agency (increased nine times in the first two months) has reflected the dynamism in the business of bricks.

Supermarkets have recovered from an annual decline of -1.4% in December last year to January increased 4.5% in January, according to data provided by the parent bank.

Pharmaceuticals also knew of positive numbers, with a display of his movement around 11% in January.

The purchase of equipment for home and gas expansion have also occurred, although more discrete levels.

However, the sale of fuel and clothing has seen a reduction in their dynamics, according to the BCP.

Industry Services and also were favored with the new winds of economic growth in 2013, respectively, and recorded an acceleration in the segments of passenger and cargo transportation, and manufacturing industries, mainly those related to clothing, leather and footwear.

So what does this mean? Well things are moving faster now in Paraguay and opportunity for real estate deals are moving quicker than ever. A deal here today will definitely not be here next month or even next week. One must be educated and familiar with the Paraguay real estate market, know what they are looking and in many cases be ready willing and able to pull the trigger on a deal from their home country. No worries though as we have you covered through our real estate professionals who are on the ground searching everyday. Keep in mind that Paraguay has no formal multiple listing service per se so it takes alot of time and effort to weed out good deals from shamsters, which believe me are out here. Please keep us in mind for all your relocation and real estate needs.


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