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Real Estate Lands in Paraguay

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015


Paraguay real estate landsWell it certainly has been a while since we last chatted, I know I’ve been busy. It’s tough setting up a real estate business while traveling and working on other projects, thank goodness I have a wonderful on the ground team to help with everything. So far this year we’ve closed on over 20 real estate transactions. A great example of taking first world style techniques and adapting them to another market. I’ve been in the real estate game for over 10 years now and seen just about everything, until I went to Paraguay that is.

Why is Paraguay so different you ask?

Well first and foremost if the freedom it affords, in all our transactions we were able to sit down at a table with the seller directly and work out the entire deal verbally in the presence of an attorney. We sat down face to face, eye to eye with the seller and hammered out the purchase price, down payment, penalty for nonperformance, where and when closing will take place, who pays what fees and transfer taxes. All very clear and smooth, then off to the attorney to draw it up, exchange monies collect the receipts and off we go. Simple smooth and straightforward, that’s how business in Paraguay is done.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Well if you’re looking to invest in Paraguay call us we’d love to chat

Getting a Second Passport in Paraguay

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Getting a Second Passport in Paraguay “Real Estate Paraguay” Buying land in Paraguay A man once told me:”Anything’s worth is that what the seller wants and the buyer prepared is to pay” Now that may be true, but knowingly using the ignorance of some other human-being to make a 50%-2000% profit just doesn’t go too well for me. Its stealing, nothing less. So are you thinking about getting a second passport in Paraguay? look further here…


Paraguay Citizenship

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Looking to attain Citizenship in Paraguay?

cedulabarackSo are alot of people! People seeking multiple flags are increasingly looking to Citizenship in Paraguay as a great alternative. We have a saying here, “en Paraguay, todo es posible” which roughly means that “In Paraguay, anything is possible”. this has many different meanings, but the most important is the general sense of optimism that the people of this beloved land possess. Yes it’s almost like America 50 years ago, where the sense of optimism, the youth, the hard working people and years of isolation have brought together a perfect storm of optimism to the future.

Citizenship in Paraguay takes a quick 4 years. You will start off by gaining your permanent residency in Paraguay which takes a few days with a great Paraguayan lawyer or fixer (we know them all) to put in the applications and get everything squared away. After your Paraguayan residency is complete you will need to start your “significant ties to the country” as evidenced in many ways. We have seen dozens of applications get kicked back for a variety of reasons and there are some pitfalls that you should definitely watch out for, especially by the part-time lawyers who are not actually present for your applications.

There are a number of nuisances to your application for Paraguay Citizenship that only time in the country here and boots on the ground efforts can provide. There is a ton of misinformation on Paraguayan Citizenship out there and free advice can be the most expensive advice you ever receive, trust me on that one from someone who has lived and traveled to over 40 countries and been through similar situations before, finding trustworthy reliable people in foreign countries is difficult, Paraguay is no exception.

Let’s be honest here, we use this website as a platform to share our love and adventures within Paraguay, but we also use it screen out lookie-loos and expat wanna be’s to help those of you who are truly interested in diversifying your life here in Paraguay. From Residency in Paraguay, Citizenship in Paraguay, real estate in Paraguay, investing in Paraguay, bank accounts in Paraguay and lifestyle choices in Paraguay, we are here to help. The bottom line is that your success is our success and the network we are creating today will change the face of Paraguay  in the years to come and eventually South America.

Yes we ask that you join our little membership that’s less than a USD$100 per year, to get first in line access to all sorts of professionals here throughout Paraguay that we have looked eye to eye, shook hands with and actually worked with on a variety of projects. They have all completed services for us and our friends with a smile and honesty. We don’t sugar coat things and just prefer to tell you like it is for your situation and let you make an informed and educated decision. We are in the information age and there is a TON of information out there, we help provide answers to your unique situation. We don’t bombard you with pitchy sales crap, I hate that and am sure you do too. Just cool, informative stuff that help you and guess what you’ll have direct access to our friends here anytime you need it.

So far we have only had one person ask for their money back and that was a “competitor” if you can call them that who just wanted to poach our well done research and use it on their “competing” rip off of a page, our response, “it’s flattered to be held in such high regard that someone has to poach our info for their site” ParaguayAtYourService is still the first and the premier destination for business people the world over to get their feet moving on the ground in Paraguay. We even offer you a Second Life Service that if you ever read Neill Strauss’ book Emergency you’ll have an idea of what we mean but you will actually have to take action and contact us to find out more details cuz we simply won’t put that on the internet.

Will you be our next friend here in Paraguay?

I sure hope so.

Mateo out…..

Steal this house in Luque, Paraguay

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Luque is a small suburb of Asuncion that is characterized as mostly a “bedroom” community where most of the folks come in to Asuncion to work. We found the area to be quiet and embodies the Paraguayan mantra of “tranquilo”.

SPECIAL FIFTH HOUSE WITH POOL OR SPA .. VOLLEYBALL COURT … … ….. FOOTBALL FIELD SURFACE IS 93 METERS IN FRONT BY DEPTH 40, Plot 3720 m2. titled ready to transfer in the municipality currently approved and ready to pave the street 10 minutes from downtown Luque

Offered at GS360.000.000 it’s a relative bargain for those looking for an out of their home country investment opportunity or a fabulous place to live. Property management is availble should you require these services as well as recommendations to attorneys and appraisers to help you close the deal. Please see pictures below.

Please refer to Property ID# LLL302 for this listing, thank you

Paraguay Real Estate News: Paraguay: Sales Soar building materials

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Taken from a recent Paraguay Real Estate Article:

According to the estimate of turnover figures of the Paraguayan Central Bank that category sales increased 22.1%. In January, the growth was 1.3%. Mortgage loans also increased drastically.

2013 started with a positive change for the commercial sector, especially for the sale of vehicles and construction materials, which recorded 41.8% and 22.1% increase in January movement in relation to registered first month, but in 2012, according to Turnover Estimator (ECN), the Central Bank.

For the automotive sector, after seeing negative numbers throughout 2012, finally has rallied almost 50% more (-2.8 to -7.0% in December 2012 and January 2012).

This losing streak for the marketing of vehicles was a consequence of the fall in GDP, which dragged several sectors of the economy.

Construction was one of the most diverse behaviors segments in the economy, even after a timid increase in January 2012 from 1.3% in January this year saw a 22.1% increase.

Since the demand for housing loans through the Development Finance Agency (increased nine times in the first two months) has reflected the dynamism in the business of bricks.

Supermarkets have recovered from an annual decline of -1.4% in December last year to January increased 4.5% in January, according to data provided by the parent bank.

Pharmaceuticals also knew of positive numbers, with a display of his movement around 11% in January.

The purchase of equipment for home and gas expansion have also occurred, although more discrete levels.

However, the sale of fuel and clothing has seen a reduction in their dynamics, according to the BCP.

Industry Services and also were favored with the new winds of economic growth in 2013, respectively, and recorded an acceleration in the segments of passenger and cargo transportation, and manufacturing industries, mainly those related to clothing, leather and footwear.

So what does this mean? Well things are moving faster now in Paraguay and opportunity for real estate deals are moving quicker than ever. A deal here today will definitely not be here next month or even next week. One must be educated and familiar with the Paraguay real estate market, know what they are looking and in many cases be ready willing and able to pull the trigger on a deal from their home country. No worries though as we have you covered through our real estate professionals who are on the ground searching everyday. Keep in mind that Paraguay has no formal multiple listing service per se so it takes alot of time and effort to weed out good deals from shamsters, which believe me are out here. Please keep us in mind for all your relocation and real estate needs.


What will 2013 Bring to you and your expat dreams?

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

What expat dreams may come to Paraguay in 2013?

2013, will it be a year of growth, prosperity or just the status quo? Only time will tell. Whatever this year brings, Paraguay At Your Service wishes you the very best of what 2013 in Paraguay will have to offer. We hope that you will make plans to come visit us this year. Our friend, client and soon to be partner Mr. P will be returning to Asuncion to make hay and will be assisting you in your expating and computer programming needs. Think of that, American skills and expertise at an offshore price!! We also hope that somehow someway you will make plans to lend a helping hand to those in need. Serving your community, country and profession can make any type of year a rewarding one. More on how you can assist us with that in Paraguay at a later date.

In the news this week we got a sneak peek at Paraguay’s bond unveiling to the world markets, for those seeking a diversified return at minimal risk I would suggest reading into this opportunity more, please note that in no way shape or form do we offer accounting, tax, or legal advice of any kind, only general lifestyle guidance and opportunity. If you are interested in more personalized consultations etc we will provide that very soon!

Please don’t forget to check out our social magazines curated from content all over the web so that you can get a diversified view on Paraguay from all sorts of characters living here.

As always, Paraguay At Your Service helps to keep you on top of the news, reviews and interesting things in Paraguay. Keep up with the issues and items of concern with Paraguay will keep your Paraguayan dreams moving forward! Peace and Blessings my friend.

Paraguay At Your Service would like to congratulate Mr. P for deciding to return to this lovely country to setup shop and expand his business, to Gman for removing his inertia and taking the first steps to residency and relocation this summer to Paraguay, to Mr. B whom we look forward to helping him gain his retirement in San Lorenzo and to the Dr. for letting us help him find a nice local Paraguayan squeeze to share a blessed retirement with. Clients continue to hire Paraguay At Your Service because of we provide quality services at a fair price, we believe in telling it like it is whether it’s what you want to hear or not, someone has to keep it real. The internet has info and we aim to provide answers. You can find a ton of stuff telling you what you want to hear and how to retire to this paradise or that slice of heaven. With us it is what it is and while Paraguay might not be for you I am sure we can help bring value to your life some how someway, we look forward to talking with you soon. Contact us below for further customized services.

Proudly presented by Paraguay At Your Service, custom consulting and business building and marketing services from Paraguay to beyond!

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