Retire in Paraguay

Paraguay: The Ultimate Location to Retire


Gone are the days of the traditional retiree–forget retirement homes, country clubs, and community living in the United States. More and more retirees are considering living in foreign countries for a number of reasons: inexpensive real estate, access to surrounding destinations, and the opportunity to try something new. Paraguay is quickly becoming a top destination to retire to, and for good reason. It is filled with kind people and amazing sights to see, all while remaining at a reasonable cost of living.


If you are planning on retiring to Paraguay, you may want to consider purchasing a home. Fortunately, home prices in Paraguay are among the lowest in South America (for the time being). Land prices also make it affordable to build your own dream home, as well. Of course, buying outside of your own country often presents challenges, but working with a seasoned professional within Paraguay will help the process move smoothly. There is no centralized property database system (yet, we are working on that though), so the need to get connected to a trustworthy local professional makes all the difference.


For the young and spry, Paraguay has many destinations that can be reached within a day. Since the country is about the size of California, some destinations can be reached within a few hours. Paraguay boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes of any South American country, including waterfalls of all lengths and sizes. Even if you are not an active person, many of these waterfalls can be reached without little to no hiking. Of course, if you aren’t so much an outdoor enthusiast, there are many museums and historical sites to see as well.


The best part about living in Paraguay are the people. Paraguayans embrace tourists and visitors alike, along with those who are planning on making Paraguay their forever home. Fitting in to this culture is the least of your worries, as the people are very accepting and giving. Whatever your motivation to move to this beautiful country, it’s no doubt why Paraguay is quickly becoming a destination for retirees to settle down to.


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