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Wednesday, February 4th, 2015


Paraguay real estate landsWell it certainly has been a while since we last chatted, I know I’ve been busy. It’s tough setting up a real estate business while traveling and working on other projects, thank goodness I have a wonderful on the ground team to help with everything. So far this year we’ve closed on over 20 real estate transactions. A great example of taking first world style techniques and adapting them to another market. I’ve been in the real estate game for over 10 years now and seen just about everything, until I went to Paraguay that is.

Why is Paraguay so different you ask?

Well first and foremost if the freedom it affords, in all our transactions we were able to sit down at a table with the seller directly and work out the entire deal verbally in the presence of an attorney. We sat down face to face, eye to eye with the seller and hammered out the purchase price, down payment, penalty for nonperformance, where and when closing will take place, who pays what fees and transfer taxes. All very clear and smooth, then off to the attorney to draw it up, exchange monies collect the receipts and off we go. Simple smooth and straightforward, that’s how business in Paraguay is done.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Well if you’re looking to invest in Paraguay call us we’d love to chat

Paraguay Vs Peru (Friendly match): Date, information & more preview

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

by Abrar Jahin | Posted on Sunday, November 9th, 2014 | 0 Comments

Peru will be looking to prolong their winning streak even further when they face off against Paraguay. Paraguay VS Peru live stream will be available here for free watching with a broadcasted in TV Channel. Head to Head stats, preview, recent performances, prediction, TV list, date and time will be available in our post.

Game information –
Match of – Paraguay VS Peru
Date – 14th November 2014
Time – 11:00 pm GMT
Type – International Friendly Match

Live TV will be available here before the starting of Peru Vs Paraguay match. Bookmark this page and enjoy soccer online ..

TV list –
beIN Sports Canada, beIN Sports Connect Canada, beIN Sports Canada, beIN Sports USA will be broadcasting this game live throughout the world.

Possible lineup –
Paraguay –
Ovelar, Gonzalez, Cruz, Rojas, Torales, Riveros, Mendoza, Xardozo, Aguilar, Piris, Silva
Peru –
Vargas, Guerro, Carrilo, Cruzado, Ballon, Avila, Yotun, callenas, Zambrano, Advincula, Fernandez

Head to Head –
These two teams played 45 matches against each other before this match. Among those matches Peru won 10 matches while Paraguay dominated by winning 22 matches. The other 13 match didn’t produce any result for either team.
Last match between this two teams ended in a victory for Paraguay.

Preview –
Paraguay is in 2 match loosing streak at the moment when they go to meet Peru. Even after having such a good result against Peru, they will have to play as the underdogs due their recent poor result. They have only 1 win and 2 draws in their last 5 matches. In these 5 matches they allowed 6 goals against them while they scored 4 goals. Their offense and defense seemed very lacking and thus they are performing very poorly. Even after having an amazing player like Cruz, they are struggling. They need a better team performance if they want to make an impact.
Peru is in far better shape in the field than Paraguay. If we compare there last 5 matches then we see, their 3 match winning streak came to a halt when Chile thrashed them by 3-0 but they got back to winning after loosing that match. So in their last 5 matches they have 4 wins and this stat should boost their confidence level a lot. Peru scored a total of 8 goals in these 5 matches and they kept clean sheet in all of their winning matches. The only 3 goals they did allow came against Chile where they lost. So their offense and defense both are playing better than expected and thus they are the favorites to win this match but it will be very close no matter what the result is.

Prediction –
Our prediction is 1-1, with the match ending in a draw but as I said, anything can happen.

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Dodge Caravan for Sale in Paraguay, For Sale Posting

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Dodge Caravan for Sale in Paraguay

In Dodge Grand Caravan van for sale 2003 automatic naftera, 3 rows of seats, wide balijera, dvd player, balijera door and right door controlled, super neat. $ 6,500
Interested contact Mr. Jose Garcia 0981-426806

No guarantees or assurances made of this seller, this is only a for sale posting to assist, please check everything related to this sale

En venta camioneta Dodge Gran Caravan 2003, automática, naftera, 3 hileras de asientos, amplia balijera, reproductor de dvd, puerta balijera y puerta derecha con control, super bien cuidado. 6.500$
Interesados contactar con el Sr. Jose Garcia 0981-426806

No hay garantías o garantías hechas de este vendedor, esto es sólo una venta anuncio a ayudar, por favor marque todo lo relacionado con esta venta

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Paraguay Real Estate: Why Warren Buffett has always bet big on real estate

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Paraguay real estate lands investingParaguay Real Estate Investing: Why Warren Buffett has always bet big on real estate

When it comes to investing, Warren Buffett doesn’t listen to all the chatter in the market. Perhaps the world’s greatest value investor, he invests into demand.

In his recent annual letter to shareholders, Buffett describes in an essay why his real estate investments have been so good to him over time – no matter what market conditions were or “experts” were saying. The same thing is happening to real estate in Paraguay.

He outlines two particular real estate investments that have paid off big time and reveals the reasons why they have, even though over the years markets have shifted and people’s opinions of real estate have changed. With Paraguay’s economy heating up real estate investing in Paraguay is moving full swing ahead.

The key, he says, is demand. No matter what, “Corn will always be growing in Nebraska,” he said. And people will always need somewhere to live.

In fact, the essay reveals five major philosophies Buffett sticks to in all his investments, including the one big thing to focus on and how to avoid speculating. Guess what, we hate speculating too!

For a limited time, investors can request a free skype consultation which includes an investor hotlist of investment properties that fit the Buffett model.

To request this FREE consultation inquire with our website with the subject line “Buffett style investing” and we’ll be happy to chat!

A little bit about our Real Estate Offerings (Ingles y Espanol)

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Paraguay new 047For those looking to buy real estate in Paraguay the process is quite a bit different than what you might be used to in other countries. Personally I have bought, sold, flipped and invested in over 100 properties in 3 Countries and dozens of states in the USA and I can honestly say that buying property in Paraguay threw me for a small loop. The relationships, processes and protocols are just slightly different here, and those small differences can make or break your deal. This is why working with a reliable, trustworthy real estate agent is so crucial to your short term and long term success.


Minors Departing Paraguay

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Minors Departing Paraguay

Parents should reside within the Justice of the Peace’s jurisdiction

Note: There are four Justice of the Peace offices in Asunción. You should go to the one that’s closest to your home.

Parents residing abroad. Steps to be taken to obtain a Permiso del Menor for their child


Parents should sign an authorization before the Paraguayan Consul, (in Consulate letterhead). This document must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The person appointed to travel with the child must appear before the court with a lawyer to start the process to obtain a “Venia Judicial para viajar” which is the authorization granted by the judge that allows the child to travel with a third party.


The Court for minors and adolescents (Family Court) will receive these documents in order to issue or deny the authorization for the child to leave the country. Among other documents to be presented are:  Notarized letter signed by parents before the Paraguayan consul, Child’s Paraguayan ID (cédula), Child’s original birth certificate* or Paraguayan passport of the adult appointed by the parents to travel with the child.


The process can take approximately 15 days. If the child is 6 years or older, the judge will request to see him/her as well. The Judge will take the child’s wishes into consideration.

*If the child was born in the U.S., the original birth certificate must be authenticated by the Paraguayan Consul before it’s presented to Paraguayan authorities.


Paraguay Culture and a Paraguay Party

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Paraguay Culture: A Party at a friend’s house in Paraguay

The ultimate acceptance as an expat in Paraguay is get invited to a friend’s house for asado and some beer, good laughs and great times. Some of the funny antics and craziness that goes on in in the video below:



What do you think, well not too wild or crazy, cuz this is a public forum but you get the idea, Paraguayans are very friendly and fun to be around. So when visiting Paraguay get out, meet some people and most importantly, have fun!!

Til next time

Quick real estate tip for buying real estate in Paraguay

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

When relocating to Paraguay, rent first! Get a feel for the different neighborhoods and how to get around, to work and entertainment.
Always seek competent professional advice especially when dealing with Paraguayan real estate, there is no centralized database of properties and anyone can find a real estate deal so competent representation is crucial. I’d always recommend an attorney draw up your sales contract from scratch. Depending on your situation this can vary generally from USD$250 to 600 but is well worth the anxiety and agravation you will avoid later on in the transaction.
Also keep in mind that for the buyer, commissions are above and beyond the sales price as negotiated with the seller so keep 7-10% on the side for transactional fees, commission and “misc” things that need to be taken care of, the seller pays the taxes and that’s typically it, unless otherwise negotiated.

dodge caravan

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Dodge Caravan for Sale- Se Vende Dodge Caravan

Please take a look at the following Dodge Caravan for sale.

Please note that we have NOT verified the information from this seller and buyer double check everything!!

We thought this might be a good deal from someone we know. We are here to help

Por favor, eche un vistazo a la siguiente Dodge Caravan en venta.
Note que no hemos verificado la información de este vendedor y comprador comprobar bien todo!
Pensamos que esto podría ser un buen negocio de alguien que conocemos. Estamos aquí para ayudarle

Vendo camioneta dodge gran caravan 2003, automático, naftera, 3 hileras de asiento, amplia balijera, reproductor de dvd, puerta balijera y puerta derecha con control, super bien cuidado. 7.000$ telf 0991-785122

Lic. Yéshika Minardi Laterra

Analista de Sistemas
0991-785122; 211-140

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