Paraguay Residence 2013

Well we are so excited here in the office, 2013 is shaping up to be a marvelous year with our clients on the Paraguay Residency home front. In December we met a wonderful gentleman who will be obtaining his Permanent Residency with us and relocating to Asuncion to retire and get out of the grips of the declining USSA. We will be handling his relocation from soup to nuts….everything from getting his home good through customs to finding him and apartment in the city within his budget and getting him squared away with his new life. We even have plans to help him find a nice local Paraguayan Squeeze to keep him company and challenged as we all know life isn’t complete without a companion of some sort to keep us on our toes ūüôā

We are especially excited about a friend of ours that we have known for about a year now, super nice guy who is fed up and done with the increased rules and regulations in the US. He is ready to take his wonderful AC skill set and get out of dodge. We are going to help him do that on a weekly consultation action oriented basis. We are doing this because we want him to take action, now! He is a wonderfully nice guy, very open minded and flexible, all the qualities of making a great expat! however he has gotten himself bogged down in the info wars of the net. He is subscribed to seemingly every list and reading what all the big online expat publishers have to say about living a great life overseas for $654 per month which was true 10 years ago before all the other expats started moving there and jacking up the prices, which is what most certainly will happen in Paraguay over the coming few years…..HOWEVER you can set yourself up NOW to thrive and do well in the coming years here. Paraguay in general is on an upswing financially and regardless of your situation Paraguay is a great place to get out of the hustle bustle way of life, slow down and really enjoy yourself. There are some wonderful ways to do that on the strictest of budgets. Why, because of Paraguay’s traditionally isolationist nature, so we are already self sufficient to many degrees and changes here comes very slow. I digress, we are helping our new client and old friend on a weekly consultation basis to help him take action and stay on point because the past 5 years of reading online newsletters, emails and blog posts has not gotten him one step closer to his goals of living peaceful and free.

We welcome to join us as we chronicle some of the generalities of his journey, the ups and downs, questions and concerns we face on getting Gman to freedom!

We can’t fit everyone into a square peg, we want to talk to you and get to know you and your goals so we can help YOU get to where YOU say YOU want to go.

This is a custom service with alot of time and attention dedicated to your issues and concerns, we hope you enjoy Gmans journey to freedom.

This week Gman will be requesting his F B I Ba ckgrou nd check, requesting his copy of his official birth certificate, and getting ready to mail out his passport to get the multiple entry visa for Paraguay. More specifics will also be sent from time to time to our members as well, if you are thinking of joining now is the time as we decided to go against a premium membership and will only have a starter membership with even more info on how you can relocate to Paraguay yourself, the starter membership price will be going up as well in the coming days…..

We sincerely hope you enjoy Gman’s adventure to freedom!!


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