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Aregua mon amour

When they asked me to write this, it got me thinking where should i start? and the answer came on my sleep. Of Course ! Aregua!, it was so obvious now.

Aregua is my favorite town in Paraguay, it is located 29km from Asuncion, Paraguay´s Capital City and its on the banks of the Ypacaray Lake.

For many years, Aregua has been the home of artists, writers and intellectuals.

One of the reasons of why I love Aregua is that my best friend in the world , Cinthia, has a summer house there, its a colonial style house that was built around 15 years ago, and we have been going there for as long it has been there, during weekends, summer and Easter. Cinthia’s house is three blocks away from the lake. And is the perfect place to have some peace and quiet.

At Aregua there are no schedules to follow, you can just lay in one of the hammocks reading one of many books from Cinthia´s mom library, or jump in the pool and then go for a walk to the lake if you do not mind the bugs. The air is so clean and the nights are cool.

Through all of these years, many friends had gone with us to visit Aregua, and all of them had had a wonderful time, or so they say.

However, one of the last visits was very special to me, because we invited two of my Spanish students to come along. John and Catherine, they are from Washington and one of the nicest couples you will ever meet. They were really good sports and did not mind the crowded bus, the heat and the bugs. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and jumped into the pool, after dinner we stay up late talking about Paraguay, the USA and what they like about South America, they are planning to come live in Paraguay permanently by the end of this year. John was amazed to see for the first time a light bug, on our walk to the lake.

On Sunday we hit to town, we started at the church that is located on a hill where you get a spectacular view of the Ypacaray Lake. We also went to Gabriel Casaccia´s home, he was one of the great Paraguayan novelist. His house is now a museum. The next stop was the Carlota Palmerola´s castle, It is a beautiful old mansion with a chapel, all furniture and rooms had been kept as when the Palmerola´s lived there before it was given to the nuns and became a monastery. After all this walk we were tired and hungry and we chose "Don Pablo" to have lunch, a busy family restaurant.

Before heading back to Cinthia´s place, we stopped at the Centro Cultural del lago, and art gallery, there we were able to see sculptures made by the natives, photographs and pottery. Aregua : I will see you next time, very soon I hope.

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