New Paraguay News Feed now updated and more active

Recently Google announced that it was eliminating it’s popular Google Reader which made it easy to gather all the cool stuff you got like to read about on the web and put it all in one place for you to read, comment, make notes and star at your leisure. Well…. we have a solutions….read more

We have been experimenting with a professional curation service, been hard at work tweaking and adjusting our settings to get all sorts of news, reviews, recipes etc all about Paraguay. Now this news comes from various sources such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as local established news sources within the country such as ABC Color and many other sources. So this will give you, the Paraguay enthusiast a broad scope of what’s going on in Paraguay without having to visit many sites. While you’re thinking about it, most of our content is in Spanish because it’s local content, unfiltered straight from the source so you can get all the good, bad and funny that Paraguay has to offer. Check out an iFrame feed below and feel free to sign up for notifications and email alerts for all your Paraguay news, reviews and attitudes.

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