Exploring Asuncion Paraguay Expat Adventures Day 24

Day 24 of 1827. One of the biggest challenges I’m facing lately is inertia. Ironic coming from someone who uproots himself every few weeks and travels to a new country.

But once I’m settled in a new place, it’s so easy to fall into a routine and stick to situations that I’m comfortable in.

I almost spent the whole day at the hostel not talking to anyone. Fortunately for me, the rest of the universe intervened.A friend asked me to deposit some cash in his local bank account. Ok, gotta go find the bank, which means lots of conversations (asking the hostel staff for directions, chatting with the receptionist, handling the transaction… oh, and I went to the wrong location at first, so then there was figuring out where I was supposed to go).

While I was out, I realized I needed a haircut. If you’ve never tried to pantomime a haircut and shave to someone who does not speak English, you should try it sometime. It’s quite an interesting experience.

Then a local reached out to me on InterNations. I’ll be meeting her tomorrow night at a meetup near the “Manzana T”.

And just now a traveler from Argentina struck up a conversation with me. Fortunately, 90% of the conversation was in English, or else it would have taken all night 😛

Also, useful factoid: I wasn’t wearing any pants during that conversation. Make up your own story about that (and get your mind out of the gutter!).

And here I thought today would be boring (:

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