Damn Mosquitoes on the banks of the Paraguay River

Well it’s almost wintertime here in Asuncion and it’s been raining off and on for a bit of time here, and guess what that means? Those damn mosquitoes are out and feasting….on me!! That means I have not been drinking enough hot sauce (which is relatively hard to come by in these parts).  Check out what they did to my leg!

And yes, for the record they itch worse than they look. In my travels though Central and South America I generally like to use Avon’s Skin So Soft to help keep the Mosquitoes at bay, not because it’s a repellent but more of a greasy skin softener that most bugs hate! That coupled with downing my usual amounts of hot sauce with just about everything has helped to keep my bug bite worries to a minimum over the years, however the hostel that I was staying at was close to the river so Mosquitoes have become a nightly battle which is where most of my bites seem to be coming. I would suggest making sure that you have something with DEET in it to deter the bugs at night and some Skin So Soft will help at all times (even with the itching which is a good thing).

Just something to be on the look out when you are near the Paraguay River during the Autumn season [April to June] when you are planning your adventures.

Any suggestions on keeping those damn mosquitoes at bay? I’d love to hear your suggestions and yes I will try them out and discuss again….let me trip up, fall and get bit so you can anjoy and not have to repeat it yourself, that’s why we are the pioneers, learn from us!


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2 Responses to “Damn Mosquitoes on the banks of the Paraguay River”

  1. mto Says:

    I don’t know if you’ll be able to find it down there, but in the US, Repel has an all-natural, eucalyptus-based insect repellent. It’s a yellow liquid with a spray pump, if you’re looking for it on the shelf. It worked great for me and doesn’t smell of chemicals either.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for the tip! We’re away from the river now and thanks goodness no Dengue! There is a local yerba matte mix they drink that’s supposed to help but of course we heard about it too late. I’ll add this to my tip kit, someone recommended a tablespoon of garlic before bedtime and one again in the morning, not sure as we still want to be a hit with the ladies 🙂

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