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Monday, January 21st, 2013

The truth about residency and citizenship in Paraguay

by Simon Black on April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011
Asuncion, Paraguay

cedulabarackA friend of mine here in Asuncion is a partner in one of the leading investment firms in town. We were having drinks at my hotel the other evening talking about events around the world and thinking about what might happen next.

At one point he told me, “You know, I really feel like the decline of the dollar is going to cause a lot of problems in the world– rising prices, currency imbalances, social unrest… I feel very safe here in Paraguay though because we have everything we need: food, water, and energy.”

He’s right. Paraguay, usually overlooked, really does have just about everything that it needs.  There is so much land here available for livestock or crop production, and the country sits atop one of the world’s greatest freshwater aquifers.

Meanwhile, businesses are feverishly growing alternative fuel crops, and Paraguay also boasts the largest hydroelectric facility in the world with an annual capacity of roughly 90 TWh; they use only a tiny fraction and export more than 85% to neighboring Brazil.

Paraguay’s economy has benefitted from rising commodity prices and overall regional growth… and despite the government’s occasional left-leaning saber-rattling on behalf of the rural poor, politicians generally tend to stay out of the way.

Paraguay’s tax burden (as a percentage of GDP) is among the lowest in the world at around 12%, the same as Hong Kong. It’s 28% in the US and averages 35% among OECD members.  For this reason, Paraguay is a mini tax haven… but not on anyone’s radar.

Paraguay’s individual income tax (first established in 2010, then temporarily suspended) is only 10%; it affects only the higher income earners, and it only applies to income sourced within Paraguay, not worldwide income.

I’ve read a few blogs that say Paraguay does not have an income tax. This is simply incorrect… one of the many inaccuracies I’ve been seeing lately from new monkey see, monkey do expat sites.

The Internet is both a blessing and a curse… and this is the curse– massive factual inaccuracies. The digital world has created a wiki-reality: if enough people believe it, then it must be true.

Internationalization is a rising trend and a lot of new ‘experts’ are jumping on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, this is leading to a lot of misinformation that gets recycled over and over across the blogosphere like a series of rip-off infomercials.

Here’s the truth– establishing a second residency overseas is a great idea; it ensures that you have a place to go should you ever need to leave your home country, and it can even lead to an eventual second passport. Note: “second residency” doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend time there.

Places like Paraguay are ideally suited for a second residency. Why? Because of the country’s political stability, energy and agricultural sustainability, low tax environment, and straightforward immigration procedure.

Make no mistake, though, there is an immigration procedure. Some people seem to think that you just show up, put some money in the bank, and apply for a passport. This is utter nonsense, and I always get a chuckle when I read such advice from people who obviously have little experience in the country.

I wrote about this at length in February’s premium letter and even flew one of my local Paraguay contacts to our recent offshore workshop in Panama.  Needless to say, he was a popular guy at the event and has been quite busy in the past few weeks assisting many of our subscribers with their own residency here.

In the interest of accuracy and hopefully stopping the spread of misinformation, I’d like to provide a short summary of Paraguay’s immigration procedure:

1) Obtain necessary documents from your home country, including a clean police report, birth certificate, marriage/divorce certificates as applicable. All need to be certified by the Paraguayan consulate that oversees the document’s issuing jurisdiction.

You’ll also need to provide a bank reference letter, and, depending on your passport (US and Canadian), a tourist visa to Paraguay.

2) Travel to Asuncion and submit your application in person.  Among other things, this requires establishing a local bank account with at least $5,500. Local bank rates are currently around 4% in USD, up to 12% in local currency. You’ll also need a medical screening and various other requirements on the ground.

3) The permanent residency application takes up to 4-months to be approved, though it can be much less if you use a well-connected facilitator.

4) After three years as a permanent resident, you are entitled to apply for naturalization.

Clearly there are a lot more details and many situations that must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For example, do you hold a different citizenship as your country of birth? Do you require proof of funds? These may impact the situation.

As with most things, immigration procedure in Paraguay is all about who you know. The right contacts in Paraguay really streamline (NOT circumvent) the process.

Naturally, everyone pretends to be well connected.  I can’t tell you how many places I’ve been where people claim to have an ‘in’ with the President.

Just like relying on misinformation, working with the wrong people is a surefire way to lose money… or worse… get caught up in some illicit forgery or bribery scandal.  It’s simply not worth it.

Trusted contacts are worth their weight in silver.

Don’t forget to check out our services for Paraguayan referrals to trusted immigration experts, restaurants, tour guides, salons, tattoos and more!! email us today, enjoy the lovely life in Paraguay tomorrow.



What will 2013 Bring to you and your expat dreams?

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

What expat dreams may come to Paraguay in 2013?

2013, will it be a year of growth, prosperity or just the status quo? Only time will tell. Whatever this year brings, Paraguay At Your Service wishes you the very best of what 2013 in Paraguay will have to offer. We hope that you will make plans to come visit us this year. Our friend, client and soon to be partner Mr. P will be returning to Asuncion to make hay and will be assisting you in your expating and computer programming needs. Think of that, American skills and expertise at an offshore price!! We also hope that somehow someway you will make plans to lend a helping hand to those in need. Serving your community, country and profession can make any type of year a rewarding one. More on how you can assist us with that in Paraguay at a later date.

In the news this week we got a sneak peek at Paraguay’s bond unveiling to the world markets, for those seeking a diversified return at minimal risk I would suggest reading into this opportunity more, please note that in no way shape or form do we offer accounting, tax, or legal advice of any kind, only general lifestyle guidance and opportunity. If you are interested in more personalized consultations etc we will provide that very soon!

Please don’t forget to check out our social magazines curated from content all over the web so that you can get a diversified view on Paraguay from all sorts of characters living here.

As always, Paraguay At Your Service helps to keep you on top of the news, reviews and interesting things in Paraguay. Keep up with the issues and items of concern with Paraguay will keep your Paraguayan dreams moving forward! Peace and Blessings my friend.

Paraguay At Your Service would like to congratulate Mr. P for deciding to return to this lovely country to setup shop and expand his business, to Gman for removing his inertia and taking the first steps to residency and relocation this summer to Paraguay, to Mr. B whom we look forward to helping him gain his retirement in San Lorenzo and to the Dr. for letting us help him find a nice local Paraguayan squeeze to share a blessed retirement with. Clients continue to hire Paraguay At Your Service because of we provide quality services at a fair price, we believe in telling it like it is whether it’s what you want to hear or not, someone has to keep it real. The internet has info and we aim to provide answers. You can find a ton of stuff telling you what you want to hear and how to retire to this paradise or that slice of heaven. With us it is what it is and while Paraguay might not be for you I am sure we can help bring value to your life some how someway, we look forward to talking with you soon. Contact us below for further customized services.

Proudly presented by Paraguay At Your Service, custom consulting and business building and marketing services from Paraguay to beyond!

Applying for Paraguayan Residency

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Applying for Paraguayan Residency

pyanIDThe Paraguayan Immigration Service requires a national police record for applicants applying for residency.  In order to request a “national” police check, U.S. citizens should contact the FBI for a check of all state police records.  The FBI accepts requests from private American citizens for this purpose.  For more information, please visit the FBI at The fee for this service is $18.00 and can be paid by money order, certified check made payable to the Treasury of the United States, or by credit card (see form on FBI Web page).


To request an FBI namecheck, you will need to have your fingerprints taken.  The Consulate can provide you with the appropriate fingerprint card.  Unfortunately, the Consulate can not take fingerprints or mail documents.  However, you can have your fingerprints taken in Asuncion at the local INTERPOL Office.  You can contact that office at: (021) 480-199 or 422-426/7 and request an appointment.  The estimated fee for this service is Gs.50.000.  Address: Coronel Gracia 468 between Dr Mazzei and Teniente Rodi St. (Behind Police Station # 1 Sajonia neighborhood). Regular offices hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 17:00.


Once you’ve had your fingerprints taken, you will need to mail the fingerprint card, a cover letter (see FBI Web page) and payment to the FBI at the following address:


FBI CJIS Division – Record Request

1000 Custer Hollow Road

Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306


AUTHENTICATION OF POLICE OR FBI CERTIFICATES OF LACK OF A CRIMINAL RECORD: The FBI’s CJIS Division (Criminal Justice Information Services Division) will authenticate U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73 fingerprint search results for international requests by placing the FBI seal and signature of a Division official on the results, if requested at the time of submission. Documents prepared in this matter may then be sent to the U.S. Department of State Authentications Office by the requestor to be authenticated if necessary.  Please be sure to indicate the country in which the document is to be used. The FBI procedure became effective 1/25/2010 and will apply only to documents finalized after that date. Requests to authenticate previously processed results will not be accepted.


The FBI requires 6-8 weeks for processing upon receipt.


You must provide your return address, which may be via a FEDEX Account to ensure receipt of your report (please see return Mail Options on Applicant Information Form).


In compliance with the Paraguayan Immigration Law, the FBI Report must be legalized by the Paraguayan Consulate in the United States. Your report will not be accepted without the corresponding legalization.


Please note that it is your responsibility to forward your FBI results to the Immigration Office and verify the status of your record request with them.

Paraguay Residence 2013

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Well we are so excited here in the office, 2013 is shaping up to be a marvelous year with our clients on the Paraguay Residency home front. In December we met a wonderful gentleman who will be obtaining his Permanent Residency with us and relocating to Asuncion to retire and get out of the grips of the declining USSA. We will be handling his relocation from soup to nuts….everything from getting his home good through customs to finding him and apartment in the city within his budget and getting him squared away with his new life. We even have plans to help him find a nice local Paraguayan Squeeze to keep him company and challenged as we all know life isn’t complete without a companion of some sort to keep us on our toes 🙂

We are especially excited about a friend of ours that we have known for about a year now, super nice guy who is fed up and done with the increased rules and regulations in the US. He is ready to take his wonderful AC skill set and get out of dodge. We are going to help him do that on a weekly consultation action oriented basis. We are doing this because we want him to take action, now! He is a wonderfully nice guy, very open minded and flexible, all the qualities of making a great expat! however he has gotten himself bogged down in the info wars of the net. He is subscribed to seemingly every list and reading what all the big online expat publishers have to say about living a great life overseas for $654 per month which was true 10 years ago before all the other expats started moving there and jacking up the prices, which is what most certainly will happen in Paraguay over the coming few years…..HOWEVER you can set yourself up NOW to thrive and do well in the coming years here. Paraguay in general is on an upswing financially and regardless of your situation Paraguay is a great place to get out of the hustle bustle way of life, slow down and really enjoy yourself. There are some wonderful ways to do that on the strictest of budgets. Why, because of Paraguay’s traditionally isolationist nature, so we are already self sufficient to many degrees and changes here comes very slow. I digress, we are helping our new client and old friend on a weekly consultation basis to help him take action and stay on point because the past 5 years of reading online newsletters, emails and blog posts has not gotten him one step closer to his goals of living peaceful and free.

We welcome to join us as we chronicle some of the generalities of his journey, the ups and downs, questions and concerns we face on getting Gman to freedom!

We can’t fit everyone into a square peg, we want to talk to you and get to know you and your goals so we can help YOU get to where YOU say YOU want to go.

This is a custom service with alot of time and attention dedicated to your issues and concerns, we hope you enjoy Gmans journey to freedom.

This week Gman will be requesting his F B I Ba ckgrou nd check, requesting his copy of his official birth certificate, and getting ready to mail out his passport to get the multiple entry visa for Paraguay. More specifics will also be sent from time to time to our members as well, if you are thinking of joining now is the time as we decided to go against a premium membership and will only have a starter membership with even more info on how you can relocate to Paraguay yourself, the starter membership price will be going up as well in the coming days…..

We sincerely hope you enjoy Gman’s adventure to freedom!!


Larissa Riquelme saluda a sus seguidores en el inicio del 2013

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Larissa Riquelme saluda a sus seguidores en el inicio del 2013 Featured

  • Written by DUPLYCATOR
  • Miércoles, 02 Enero 2013 13:47

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La modelo envió su saludo a todos sus seguidores en las redes sociales. Les deseó paz, salud y felicidad en el nuevo año, que acaba de iniciar.

Larissa Riquelme saluda a sus seguidores en el inicio del 2013

Larissa Riquelme espera otro gran año en 2013.

La “Novia del Mundial” se puso a tono con la festividad del Año Nuevo. A través de Twitter, la modelo envió sus deseos para el 2013.

Q ste 2013 llegue cn mucha paz,salud y Felicidad q sea un año éxito prá tdos disfruten y vivan l vida al máximo y sobre tdo luchen x sueños!“, escribió Larissa.

Señaló que el 2012 fue un año que trajo muchas satisfacciones en su vida. “Se va un año increíble gracias a todos x sus mensajes de apoyo,se viene un año mucho mas exitoso feliz año para todos disfruten día a día.”, recalcó la modelo que además de ser jurado en Baila Conmigo Paraguay (BCPy) realizó numerosos viajes al exterior para realizar promociones.

Finalmente deseó “Feliz año 2013 para todos….. Salud”.

Larissa Riquelme saluda a sus seguidores en el inicio del 2013

El mensaje dejado por “La Novia del Mundial”.


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